Here is an illustration project that I did a few years ago for some friends that like to ski in Lassen Volcanic National Park – near our home base of Chico, CA. I grew up skiing in Lassen when there was still a rope tow and poma lift (later a chairlift) there, and we spent a lot of time hiking, climbing, and exploring in the Park when I was a kid.

This is the perspective of Lassen and Brokeoff as seen from the East – the one that we came to know as kids growing up in Lassen County.

From Lassen Range

This illustration began as a Google Earth screenshot printed about 5 feet long on a plotter. Then I worked over the image with India Ink on a brush, and used black and white China markers to deepen shadows and add highlights.
Custom prints of this image are available on canvas or paper at sizes from 24-48″ wide.
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