StoryMaps, photo tours and other digital storytelling products help clients and the public better understand detailed technical reports. Here are examples of two products we have designed to further illuminate our pre-fire planning and mapping work.

City of Chico Community Wildfire Protection Plan
DCR developed a CWPP that assessed the city’s wildfire risks, community preparedness, defensibility and recommended potential hazard mitigation projects. The final CWPP extensively described the greater Chico area’s wildfire risk, simulated potential wildfire disasters within the urban area, identified critical risk areas and high-risk neighborhoods, recommended specify fuel treatment projects, policy enforcement improvements and public outreach initiatives to elevate the community’s relationship with wildfire risk. The accompanying StoryMap serves as a synopsis of the entire document and an easily digestible multimedia presentation.

Mountain Meadows Conservancy
We used aerial photography from 1941 and the present day to design a poster showing the locations of buildings and facilities at the historic Westwood, California mill site and current conditions. This work and our aerial photography accompanied a report that developed strategies to remediate potential pollution at the site, and convert the property to a more beneficial use.