Deer Creek Resources is now providing coordination for the Plumas Fire Safe Council. Here is a press release from the Council!

Fire Safe Council selects new Coordinator

The Plumas County Fire Safe Council (PC FSC) has selected Nils Lunder of Indian Valley to act as their new coordinator. Nils lives with his wife and two sons on their small ranch outside of Greenville. He grew up in Westwood and returned to the region after receiving a degree in Environmental Science from Humboldt State University. Nils has worked throughout the Feather River Watershed on a variety of projects including wildlife and fisheries surveys, watershed studies, forest thinning, project monitoring, stream restoration, environmental education and community outreach. Nils is a volunteer in his community and is on the Board of Directors for the Feather River Resource Conservation District.

Nils Lunder

The Coordinator services will be provided by Deer Creek Resources (DCR) to the Fire Safe Council through a contract with Plumas Corporation, which serves as the fiscal sponsor for the Council. Nils is an employee of DCR which is owned by Zeke and Erika Lunder of Chico, California.

DCR was founded in 2011 to provide wildfire management and planning services, but Zeke has been involved with land management projects and mapping since 1990 when he worked as a seasonal forestry tech on the Lassen National Forest. Since then Zeke has worked on wildfires and fuels management projects throughout the Western United States. DCR is currently working with the Yuba Fire Safe Council and the Mid Klamath Watershed Council to assist them with the development of their Community Wildfire Protection Plans. Zeke was a co-author of the Plumas County Hazardous Fuel Assessment and Strategy in 2004; he has extensive knowledge of the fire history and the landscape of Plumas County. Check out the DCR website for additional information:

DCR is excited to be serving Plumas County residents and they are grateful that the former Coordinator Jerry Hurley will be working with them to ensure a seamless transition as the PC FSC enters this new era. Jerry brought his extensive knowledge of fuels management, fire ecology, and his connections within the wildland fire community from a long career with the United States Forest Service. After 12 years of running the Council, Jerry is ready for his second retirement.

Since 1998, the Plumas County Fire Safe Council (PC FSC) has been serving private landowners in Plumas County. Under the leadership of Jerry Hurley and board Chair Mike De Lasaux, the Council has assisted in developing and funding hazardous fuels reduction projects on over 2,500 acres of private lands in the wildland-urban interface (where the forest and the homes meet). The Council currently has numerous other projects in the works which will treat an additional 450 acres.

For additional information about the Council you can visit our website: Feel free to contact Nils Lunder at