Deer Creek Resources

Wildland Fire, Cartography, and Land Management Experts

Deer Creek Resources is a high reliability organization that uses mapping and graphics to connect people with information about land and water. We create maps, help communities and landowners prepare for wildfire, conduct rapid landscape assessments, manage information, develop map-based websites, and conduct panoramic and oblique aerial photography.

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We also deliver cutting-edge GIS training, onsite cartography and graphics production, and wildfire hazard assessment services. Our mobile GIS mapping/design trailers and support assets are used to manage complex events in remote locations, and can be deployed immediately – 24/7/365. Call us for more information.

Our background is ‘boots-on-the-ground’ – our maps and experience will help you better understand and manage a piece of land. Call us at 530-966-8186 for a free consultation.

Deer Creek Resources is based in Chico, California.
Paul Lackovic – GIS Manager
Henry Schleiger – Operations Manager

(530) 966-8186 (cell and 24 hour dispatch)
(530) 680-1398 (backup dispatch)
Email us – paul at!