Our second visit on the Parkway CWPP job took us to the American River Parkway Foundation office, located on the river at William B. Pond Park. The park is named after the first Sacramento Regional Parks Director, features a fishing pond with trout, catfish, bass, bluegill and tule perch, and is connected to River Bend Park on the south bank via a pedestrian and bicycle bridge. At the ARPF office, we met several members of their team and sat down with Executive Director Dianna Poggetto to update her our progress on the CWPP, pick her brain and discuss other contacts who could provide more data to the project.

Zeke and Nate then hopped on their bikes and rode 10 miles through the Parkway to the American River Flood Control. Along the way, we snapped some pictures of areas prone to heavy vegetation, noted potential infrastructure issues and stopped for lunch by a pond.

At the AR Flood Control offices, we met with Tim Kerr and Scott Webb about their fire concerns and levee maintenance programs. Both were extremely helpful in providing information about fire-prone areas, vegetation management schedules and general information about the levees.